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MK281 Mod 0 and Mod 1 40 mm x 53 Practice


The Rheinmetall MK281 Mod 0 and Mod 1 40 mm x 53 Practice cartridges are precision, high-velocity training and practice cartridges. The MK281 uses the proven, patented Rheinmetall propulsion unit that enables a very low standard deviation in muzzle velocity, thereby resulting in a high degree of accuracy. The MK281 round is compatible with all types of automatic grenade launchers, including the MK19, the MK47 and the HK GMG, and comes in two different types:

  • 40mm x 53 Cartridge MK281 Mod0 Impact Marker
  • 40mm x 53 Cartridge MK281 Mod1 Day/Night Marker

The MOD1 cartridge allows operators to train at night; the cartridge marking is visible to both the naked eye and when using night vision equipment. MK281 MOD1 cartridge truly allows operators to "train like they fight". As an additional option, a tracer is available for both variants of the cartridge. This tracer has a burn time of six seconds and allows the user to observe the ammunitionís trajectory as it approaches the target.


Key characteristics

  • Visible impact marking shows the dispersion pattern of the fired cartridges
  • Flight path tracking possible using the optional tracer element
  • Expressly designed for training purposes
  • Complete inert projectile enhances safety by eliminating the risk of
    unexploded ordnance and range fires



  • In serial production
  • Type classified and in service with the US military



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